Summer Program and Bookings

Summer Vacation Care Bookings

Early Bird Special – to lock in your daily rate at $55.00 per day, Enrol by
9:00am Friday 04th December 2020!

Daily Rate for Bookings made after the Early Bird cut off is $75 a day.
No Cancellations will be accepted after Friday 11th December 2020!!
A $20 vacation care booking fee (per family) applies to all bookings.

General information regarding Vacation Care, What to Pack, CCS and lots more can be found Here.

Kindy 2021 – are not able to attend Vacation Care in December 2020.
However they are able to attend Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days in January 2021.

Vacation Care Program for Summer 2020/2021

Please read our Summer School Holidays Calendar so you are aware of what is happening this holiday period.
Please keep it for your reference, either print or add it as a bookmark.
This provides you with details of daily activities/themes, excursions, incursions and daily specific information throughout the holidays.

We have scheduled a number of water play days and incursions, however due to COVID 19 we have not programmed any excursions for this holiday period.

How to request a booking

CURRENT FAMILIES: You will need access to your EXISTING “My Family Lounge” Account – please DO NOT hit REGISTER – this will create a new account for you and delay your vacation care booking.

If you are unsure how to access YOUR account, please contact your service coordinator.

For NEW Families You will need to REGISTER to create a My Family Lounge Account and complete the online enrolment – if the online enrolment form has not been completed then your child will not receive a place.                   See how to enrol here.


If you don’t normally attend “Girraween Activity Centre” you may need to link your account to this service. To find out how to do this you can follow the steps outlined in this sheet > How to… Link to Girraween Activity Centre


Log into your My Family Lounge account via the APP or the Website. and select the days that you require care – through the Casual Calendar.

Each child will need to be booked in for each day of care required.

If your child is in K-2 you need to book them into the “Vac Care K-2” Class.
If your Child is in 3-6 you need to book them into the “Vac Care 3-6” Class.

If you need care on any of the Pupil Free Days – you will need to access the “Pupil Free Day” Class


You will receive an email confirming your requested days, fees and charges and requesting you sign permission for any additional activities and conditions of booking.  This email will need to be printed, signed and returned to the service.

We may also require additional information from you to ensure that we are complying with multiple laws and regulations.

Failure to return the requested information will result in you not having care.


Please ensure you have returned your Direct Debit form.   If you have not already done so, please download our Direct Debit Authorisation and return to your service coordinator.


Fees will be debited from nominated accounts in line with our billing cycle found on our Fees page.

Risk assessments for this holiday period can be found here.

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