Our sponsor Child – Frida

Sponsored since May 2013




Frida was born in 2005, she lives in the Offaka Project in Uganda.

She lives with her parents and 3 sisters.

Frida currently attends grade 1 at school and likes to draw and play ball games.

Frida speaks Madi language.

Oturu Frida

Age 8

My favourite colour is Yellow

I like to eat beans

My favourite animal is the Tiger

Frida age 9

Frida 9 years old

Frida attends school and is in grade P.1, She wake up at 7am and walk to school Is in bed by 7pm. The game Frida likes to play the most is Ball games with my friends. From our sponsorship she is healthy and her community has received Mosquito nets to protect them while they are sleeping.

This is a drawing of a cultral local pot called Adua in this pot we make Asua which is made from white ants molded with sheer nut butter oil  and we serve it with Enyaasa which is made from Cassava flour mixed with millet or sorghum flour. These are traditional dishes and are eaten on days of celebration.

Oturu Pic 2013Friday 2014 pg1 Christmas 2014

Letters From Frida

map of where Frida Lives

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