How to Enrol

Used us before

PLEASE DO NOT register a new account. You just need to log in with your email address, then hit login (not using a password), then hit forgotten password and a new one will be emailed to you. If the above does not work please contact us so we can generate your log in details.

VACATION CARE – Please do not use our online booking system to book days for Vacation Care.  Our Vacation Care Page has further information on how you can book care in the holiday program and when forms are available.

New to our Organisation

STEP 1 – Watch the short introductory video below.

STEP 2 – Ensure you are on a computer or tablet to complete the enrolment process.  You are welcome to make an appointment and use our computer if you do not have one.

STEP 3 – You need to register using the My Family Lounge on the right-hand side of this page. Complete the online enrolment form, ensuring you complete in all mandatory fields.   You then need to save and submit this form.

STEP 4 – You will need to send a request for the days that you would like, and your preferred start date.

STEP 5 – Enrolment form will need to be printed, signed and returned prior to your child’s first day in care.

STEP 6 – We will send you an offer that you must accept and we will make contact with you to confirm your start date.

PLEASE NOTE: Not supplying all the mandatory information will slow down your enrolment process and push back your start date.

Additional Needs Form

the Family Handbook tab,  as well as other pages on this website, will answer most of the questions you may have about our Organisation

More Video for families on how to use QK enrol, or more videos and information can be found on  my family lounge website




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