Our Program

At Activity Centres Inc we value play and the role it plays in children’s growth, learning and development. The United Nations rights of the child; Article 31 states that ‘all children have the right to relax and play, and join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities’.   We aim to be this place for children; where children relax and play freely with peers, through offering a wide variety of free play experiences  as well as programmed activities that are based on child interest and developmental milestones.

Fact Sheet: Convention on the rights of the child

Our Program Statement:

Our aim is to provide all children with the opportunity to engage in a diverse variety of freely chosen activities that are fun, meaningful and challenging, by allowing child focused play. Offering a wide variety of resources will allow each child to engage in play with their peers or on their own to enable them to develop skills and confidence at a level they feel comfortable.

There are Educational Benefits of Allowing Children to learn through Play:

Research supports that playful behaviour appears to have positive effects on the brain and on a child’s ability to learn.  In fact, play may function as an important, if not crucial, mode for learning.

Play is beneficial because:

  • It is a meaningful context for children to learn concepts and skills.
  • It makes learning fun and enjoyable and allows children to enhance curiosity and creativity.
  • It encourages children to explore and discover with their peers or on their own.
  • It allows children to extend their interests.
  • Children can experiment and take risks.
  • Play provides opportunities for collaborative learning with adults and peers.
  • It gives time and allows for the practicing of developing skills.
  • It assists with the development of social skills and friendships.
  • It stimulates a sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.
  • It supports self-esteem and can reduce anxiety.
  • Play has therapeutic effects.

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