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Absent and Missing Children Policy
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy 
Access Policy
Animal and Pet Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy-ChildrenNEW POLICY – April 2018
Anti-Bullying Policy WorkplaceNEW POLICY – May 2018
Building and Premisis Policy
Child Behaviour Management Policy
Child Protection Policy – UPDATED August 2018
Child Safe Environment PolicyUPDATED September 2018
Comfort Policy
Communications Policy
Conditions of Employment Policy
Disciplinary Action Policy
Donations Policy
Electronic Games PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Emergency Policy
Enrolment PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Equipment and Maintenance of Equipment Policy
Excursion PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Fee Policy  – UPDATED August 2018
Financial Management Policy
First Aid Management of Incident Injury Illness TraumaUPDATED April 2018
Food Safety Policy
Fundraising Policy
Grievance and Complaints Management Policy
Hazardous Materials Policy
Head Lice Policy
Homework PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Hours of Operation Policy
Hygiene & Cleaning Policy
Infectious Diseases PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Immunisation Policy
Inclusion and Interactions Policy
Information Exchange Policy 2018 – UPDATED May 2018
Laundry Policy UPDATED April 2018
Lost Property Policy
Maintenance of Records PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Management Committee Policy
Media PolicyUPDATED September 2018
Medical Conditions Policy
Medication Administration Policy
Nutrition Policy
Observation Policy
Orientation PolicyUPDATED May 2018
Pest Control Policy
Physical Environment PolicyUPDATED May 2018
Pick-up and Drop-off Policy
Policy Development and Review Policy
Privacy PolicyNEW POLICY – February 2017
Programming Policy
Reflection and Evaluation Policy
Reporting to the Regulatory Authority PolicyUPDATED April 2018
Responsible Person Policy – UPDATED April 2018
Security Policy
Sleep and Rest for Children Policy
Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol Policy
Staff Appraisal and Review Policy
Staff Child RatioUPDATED September 2018
Staff Code Of Conduct Policy
Staff Dress Code PolicyUPDATED September 2018
Staff Mobile Phone PolicyNEW POLICY – August 2018
Staff Professionalism Policy
Staff Selection Policy
Staff Training Policy
Storage PolicyUPDATED May 2018
Sun Protection Policy
Supervision Policy
Toileting and Nappy Changing Policy
Transport PolicyUPDATED May 2018
Vacation Care Policy
Volunteers & Student Placements Policy
Water Safety Policy
Wheeled Toy Policy
Work health and safety policy

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